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norilanabooks's Journal

Norilana Books
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Norilana Books is a new small press specializing in beautifully packaged books on all subjects, with a preference to world classics and genre.

We are not open to submissions at this time. Please do not bother to query.

adam campan, anthologies, books, catherynne m valente, classics, clothesline world, dave hutchinson, david dvorkin, deborah j ross, elisabeth waters, eugie foster, fairy tales, fantasy, folk tales, general fiction, heroic fantasy, high fantasy, history, humor, john grant, joselle vanderhooft, ken rand, lee martindale, legend, leonore dvorkin, literature, marion zimmer bradley, michael m. jones, mike allen, modean moon, mythology, otherworld fantasy, paranormal, publishing, roby james, rochelle uhlenkott, romance, rosemary hawley jarman, science fiction, sf, sherwood smith, speculative fiction, sword and sorceress, sword and sorcery, tanith lee, tom simon, vera nazarian, william sanders, ya, young adult