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Norilana Books Schedule Update...

After receiving the October unit sales numbers for last month, and seeing that they were still low and not growing fast enough in this very sluggish economy, I made the painful decision of POSTPONING most of next year's scheduled anthologies a whole year, from 2011 to 2012.

The five affected anthologies are:

  • Lace and Blade 3

  • Warrior Wisewoman 4

  • The Ladies of Trade Town

  • Scheherazade's Facade

  • Clothesline World

Four of the above anthologies are simply re-scheduled for the same month, simply a year later.

One anthology, The Ladies of Trade Town, edited by Lee Martindale, has been returned to the editor and she will proceed with it under another arrangement.

NOTE: this situation affects only the 5 books mentioned above. All other scheduled Norilana Books titles remain scheduled as originally planned. NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED. (Note, the anthology MZB's Sword and Sorceress is also unaffected by this and will continue as scheduled this and next year, etc.)

Why am I doing this to anthologies and not to novels?

Anthologies are wonderful, but are a labor of love. They cost me many thousands of dollars to produce out-of-pocket (author advances alone are the most difficult expense) and they do NOT pay for themselves sufficiently -- basically I cannot justify this expense next year when all my efforts will be going toward raising income in a difficult economy.

For a current updated schedule, please see here:

Thanks, everyone, feel free to pass this on.

Vera Nazarian,

* * * * *

Update - 11-9-10

The Lace and Blade house anthology series will have a new editor starting in 2012, with volume 3.

Deborah J. Ross has decided to sell the lineup of the current volume elsewhere (it will be under a different title).

Since this particular volume that was being delayed had been invite-only in the first place (whereas the anthology series itself was always intended to be open to the public, according to my expectations), the difference in editorial expectations and goals results in an amicable separation.

Deborah has done a lovely job with editing volumes one and two, and best of luck to her selling a fine volume three elsewhere.

I will be announcing the new series editor as soon as one is found.
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