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Norilana Winter Royalties 2009 - Update

Norilana Royalties Update:

Usually I mail out the Norilana Winter Royalties to be postmarked by December 31.

However, for the first time, the royalties are going to be delayed.

This is ugly and embarrassing.

And, it has really been killing me, AGONIZING me that I cannot pay everyone on time this period. But ever since Bank of America robbed me of my operating financial cushion mid-2009, I have been trying to get alternative financing, and have so far been unable to do so.

I've been delaying making this post all week, but I know many people are waiting and anxiously needing those royalties. Believe me, I KNOW. :(

So far, I am actively working to resolve this and obtain financing, including converting Mansfield Park and Mummies to the e-book Kindle format, and writing Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons -- which is primarily being written for ALL OF YOU as a source of additional income.

And -- as many of you know -- part of the problem is that I am ALSO in the middle of getting my mortgage loan modification paperwork and supplementary proof of income materials done, notarized, and sent in by the January 21st deadline (and it being post-end of year I am still waiting to get some December totals from the distributor so that I can send copies to the loan modification people at BofA, etc), so I HAVE to focus on that above all else.

But, please understand that I am going to resolve this somehow, even if I have to sell everything I own.

In many ways, this is hell for ME even more than it is for you.

In the meantime, please bear with me.

Thank you all for your patience.


* * * Addendum * * *

Just in case anyone doubts this or has the wrong idea -- Norilana Books is NOT going out of business.

I am Norilana Books. It/I will only go out of business when I drop dead.
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