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ACQUISITION: Norilana Acquires Tanith Lee's 7 Classic and Original Epic Fantasy Titles


Norilana Books has come to another seven-book agreement with the legendary British novelist Tanith Lee to reprint two of her classic high fantasy epic trilogies of novels, the Birthgrave Trilogy and The Wars of Vis sequence, plus one original.

This includes the novels THE BIRTHGRAVE, VAZKOR, SON OF VAZKOR, and QUEST FOR THE WHITE WITCH, and, in The Wars of Vis sequence, THE STORM LORD, ANACKIRE, and THE WHITE SERPENT, plus one new previously unpublished, untitled original sequel to conclude the Wars of Vis sequence. The books will be released starting in 2010, from the dedicated TaLeKa imprint.

Tanith Lee is the author of 77 novels, 14 collections, and almost 300 short stories, plus 4 radio plays (broadcast by the BBC) and 2 scripts for the TV cult UK SF series Blake's 7. Her work, which has been translated into over 17 languages, ranges through fantasy, SF, gothic, YA and children's books, contemporary, historical and detective novels, and horror. This year she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror 2009. Major awards include the August Derleth Award for DEATH'S MASTER, the second book in the Flat Earth series.

TaLeKa is a new dedicated imprint of Norilana Books, showcasing the works of Tanith Lee and the art of John Kaiine.

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