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ACQUISITION: It's Same-Sex Marriage in Jane Austen's Regency England!


Norilana Books announces the acquisition of James Fairfax by Jane Austen and Adam Campan.

In this stunning, gender-bending, stylish dance-of-manners version of Jane Austen's beloved classic Emma -- an alternate Regency where gay marriage is commonplace and love is gender-blind -- matchmaking Emma Woodhouse tries to find a suitable spouse for her lover Harriet Smith, and is embroiled in the secrets of the relationship between the mysterious and accomplished James Fairfax and the handsome Frank Churchill...

Due to high demand and urgent relevance to current issues, the title is scheduled for trade paperback express release on August 1, 2009, from the general Norilana Books imprint.
Tags: acquisitions, adam campan, current events, emma, fantasy, gay, gay marriage, glbt, issues, james fairfax, jane austen, lgbt, politics, same sex marriage

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