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Norilana Books Acquires Significant Work on Breast Cancer


Norilana Books has acquired Another Chance At Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey by Leonore Dvorkin, an expanded and revised edition of an earlier book detailing the painful but hopeful journey of a breast cancer survivor. This important new edition from Norilana will appear in both English and Spanish, and covers a decade of life after cancer. The title is scheduled for trade hardcover publication in both languages in May 2009, followed by a trade paperback edition.

Leonore H. Dvorkin was born in 1946 in Chicago, Illinois. As a child and teen, Leonore lived in eight different states and Germany. Her two BA degrees in languages are from Indiana University (Bloomington) and Metropolitan State College of Denver. She and her author husband, David Dvorkin, have lived in Denver, Colorado since 1971. Their son, Daniel Dvorkin, has written two novels with his father.

Leonore works as a tutor of Spanish and German, a translator, a proofreader, and a weight training instructor. In 1977, she won the YWCA Sportswomen of Colorado Award in the category of Health and Physical Fitness.

Her publishing credits include numerous articles on fitness and nutrition, the literary novel Apart From You (Wildside Press, 2000), and the autobiographical book Why I'm Glad I Had Breast Cancer (Wildside Press, 2005).

About the book:

In 1998, Leonore had breast cancer and a left-side mastectomy, with no reconstructive surgery. Five years later, after taking the necessary time to process the entire experience and its profound emotional and physical effects upon her, she wrote the first version of her breast cancer book.

Another Chance At Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey will be published almost 11 years after Leonore's surgery. It will include changes to the original text, an update on Leonore's overall health situation, details about the progress that has been made in the last decade in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and a list of online sites that she recommends for the purchase of mastectomy products.

The Spanish Language edition is translated by Gloria Lopez of Lexicon Communications, Inc., Centennial, Colorado, and will be published for the first time.

Praise for the 2005 edition of the book:

"A reflective and ultimately optimistic memoir."
-- Midwest Book Review

"Dvorkin's account of life before and after her mastectomy is remarkably unaffected and straightforward. [This] gift of her wisdom and fortitude [is] not to be missed by any woman."
-- Ernest Dempsey,

"For any woman facing the possibility or reality of breast cancer, Dvorkin's book is a must-read. However, [her] varied and far-reaching messages can help virtually anyone -- male or female, young or old -- who is dealing with a physical or other crisis."
-- D. E. Stein, Community News, Denver

"Beautiful, moving, informative, uplifting. ... I only wish there had been a book like this back when I had cancer."
-- Lee Christopher, author of Jaded Love

"A terrific read -- well-written, frank, and honest. This book's many hard-won truths make it truly special and inspiring."
-- Nina Romberg, author of Shadow Walkers

"An unusual and important perspective on the experience of having breast cancer."
-- Melanie Tem, breast cancer survivor and author of The Deceiver

"I recommend this book not only to people suffering from any life-threatening disease, but to everyone. It reminds us of what's truly meaningful in life."
-- Giselle Rogers Hurley, artist

"An amazing and beautiful story."
-- Louniece SanFilippo, actress

"I recommend this book to all women who want to be informed, not only of the medical facts, but of how a brave and intelligent woman faced this challenging chapter of her life."
-- Elaine Greer, breast cancer survivor, Pelican Waters, Queensland, Australia

"This book...addresses the fears of women everywhere. It offers insights into...dealing with and living with breast cancer no matter what the woman's age or stage in life."
-- Werner Baumgartner, MD

Official joint website of Leonore and David Dvorkin:

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