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PRESS RELEASE: Norilana Books Acquires Works of David Dvorkin


Norilana Books has acquired a number of exciting titles from versatile author David Dvorkin, including stunning originals and reprints such as Business Secrets From The Stars, a wild ride through politics, satire, and alleged business advice from another galaxy, the sensual Prisoner of the Blood paranormal series (Insatiable and Unquenchable, and two yet untitled sequels) about a morally-conflicted reluctant vampire transformed into a super-vampire, Pit Planet an exciting science fiction mining adventure, and others.

The first title, Business Secrets From The Stars, scheduled for a trade hardcover release from Norilana Books Science Fiction in April, 2009, is the story of Malcolm Erskine, a moderately successful writer, who hits the big time with a book of nonsensical business advice that he claims was telepathically beamed into his mind by a top business executive living in a faraway galaxy. Malcolm succeeds in making a bundle, but he also attracts the attention of loopy politicians, dangerous televangelists, senile assassins, and even stranger and creepier types. The only way Malcolm can escape disaster is to change the world.

Dvorkin's sensual paranormal series, Prisoner of the Blood, introduces Richard Venneman, devoutly religious and repressed. He's averse to sexual passion, but while on vacation, he is seduced and murdered by a beautiful woman and wakes up a vampire -- captive of uncontrollable desires, thrust into the company of terrifying creatures who revel in dark lusts that Venneman considers repulsive and sinful. Desperate to escape what he's become, Venneman commandeers a physics experiment he worked on when he was still human, but manages to convert himself into a super-vampire who lives on the blood of other vampires. Now he's on the hunt for the female vampire who converted him, even while he's still subject to her erotic spell.

Other Dvorkin novels include Dawn Crescent, an alternate history written with his son, Daniel, set in the world that results when the first American war against Iraq goes terribly wrong (and written before the current, second American war against Iraq went terribly wrong), which was praised by Harry Turtledove, and Pit Planet, a science fiction adventure inspired by Dvorkin's professional experience in the mining industry and praised by Connie Willis and Will McCarthy, among others.

David Dvorkin was born in England, lived in South Africa, and attended high school and college in the United States. He has been an aerospace engineer, software developer, and technical writer. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he works in the software industry. He has published 17 novels -- science fiction, horror, mystery, and three Star Trek novels -- and one non-fiction book. He has collaborated with his son, Daniel, on two novels. His wife, Leonore, is also an author. For much more information, links, seriousness, and silliness, please visit his and Leonore's website:

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