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Norilana Books

Norilana Books Acquires Tanith Lee's Flat Earth Series

Norilana Books has come to a seven-book agreement with the legendary British novelist Tanith Lee to reprint her classic Flat Earth Series of books which includes NIGHT'S MASTER, DEATH'S MASTER, DELUSION'S MASTER, DELIRIUM'S MISTRESS, NIGHT'S MYSTERIES, plus two new previously unpublished originals continuing the series -- short story collection THE EARTH IS FLAT and novel EARTH'S MASTER. The books will be released approximately starting in 2009.


Tanith Lee!

Fantastic news! I must tell my friends Pete'n'Chris, who named their daughter Tanith after Ms Lee. Thank you!

Re: Tanith Lee!

You are very welcome! :-) Considering that Tanith Lee is my favorite author, I am absolutely psyched!
Hi there -- any updates on these? I am nervous about having to wait until 2014-ish to see the unreleased titles in this series. I can't trust myself to live that long! Thank you for agreeing to publish them in any event.
Hi, not sure what you mean by updates...

The books are all scheduled and are coming out according to the schedule. For example, The Birthgrave is coming next week. :-)

For the latest releases, always check the TaLeKa imprint website.

As far as the actual rate of scheduling itself -- rest assured it's all happening as fast as possible, considering that Tanith needs time to write the new books, and I am a one-person small press, so I am also working as hard and fast as I humanly can to get the books done, in addition to all the other Norilana Books titles.

Thanks for asking! :-)
Norilana Books

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