August 11th, 2009

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Sky Whales and Other Wonders - Final TOC Lineup

The contracts have all gone out, so, without further ado...

Introducing, the final story lineup for fantasy anthology Sky Whales and Other Wonders, coming December 1, 2009 from Norilana Books Fantasy:

Table of Contents

"The Sky Won't Listen" by Tanith Lee

"The Tin and the Damask Rose" by Anna Tambour

"What a Queen Does with her Hands" by Erzebet YellowBoy

"The Gifting of Nyla's Son" by Linda J. Dunn

"Stone Song" by Sonya Taaffe

"Sky Whales" by Lisa Silverthorne

"Death's Appointment Book, or the Dance of Death" by JoSelle Vanderhooft

"The Sugar" by Mary A. Turzillo

"She Who Runs" by Mike Allen

"Breaking Laws" by John Grant

"Only One Story But He Told It Well" by Robert Brandt

preliminary cover

It has been observed that there is an unusual tendency in this lineup to have all the women authors' stories first, followed by the men authors, and honest, I didn't plan it that way, it just seems to be the best order for the stories themselves... :-)
Norilana Books

Acquisition: New Anthology Market - SCHEHERAZADE'S FACADE

Norilana Books is proud to announce a new original themed fantasy anthology, Scheherazade's Facade: Fantastical Tales of Gender Bending, Cross-Dressing and Transformation, edited by Michael M. Jones ( oneminutemonkey ).

The volume is scheduled for October 2010 release from Norilana Books Fantasy.

For theme specifics, submission information, reading period, and other detail, please see the Submission Guidelines.

We look forward to seeing your fabulous stories! :-)