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Norilana Books

PRESS RELEASE: Norilana Books Acquires Senrid by Sherwood Smith


Norilana Books has acquired Senrid, an original YA fantasy by Sherwood Smith, a novel of high adventure and strange magic in the tradition of Lloyd Alexander's Westmark and Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief. The novel will appear under the new YA Angst imprint.

Senrid is the much anticipated story of swashbuckling boys and girls, royal stakes, mysterious villains and breathtaking wonder set in the much-beloved fantasy world of Crown Duel and Inda.

Sherwood Smith (sartorias) has been writing about this milieu since age eight. Her first foray there, Crown Duel, is in its ninth printing. Other work includes the popular Wren series and Exordium series (with Dave Trowbridge), altogether more than twenty-five books published and translated into numerous languages. Visit her website at: http://www.sff.net/people/Sherwood/

Norilana Books is a Los Angeles-based new independent publisher, owned and operated by Vera Nazarian since 2006. With over 50 books in print, Norilana Books specializes in beautifully packaged hardcover and trade paperback classics of world literature, quality fantasy, science fiction, romance and women's fiction, and young adult titles. For more information visit http://www.norilana.com/


Vera Nazarian, Publisher
Norilana Books, P.O. Box 2188, Winnetka, CA 91396
service @ norilana.com - http://www.norilana.com/
Catalog of Books in Print: http://www.norilana.com/norilana-catalog.htm
Blog: http://norilanabooks.livejournal.com/



this is tremendous news! thank you so much for printing Senrid. all of us over at athaneral love Sherwood's work and are delighted that more of it is finally coming into print. ^_^

Thanks for dropping by!

I am psyched and honored to be publishing Sherwood's wonderful novel Senrid</b>. Stay tuned for more updates here as things get closer to publication date....
That's awesome news, Vera! Norilana is really taking off!
Thanks, Jim, things are firing up here indeed! :-)
*wild cheering*

I can hardly wait to buy a copy!
Very soon!! :-) Release date is May 1, 2007, and you'll be able to pre-order a bit before that. Yaaay!
That's very good news. Wishing you both much success.
Thanks, much appreciated! :-)
Awesome! I love how Norilana Books is just taking off! Let us know when it's available for pre-order so I can put it on order!!
Thankee!! :-) Definitely will do....
Wonderful news!
Thanks! :-)
You're cooking with gas now, sweetie! ;-)
Yayyy! Thanks! :-) Things are a'happenin' here indeed....
Congratulations to you both!
Thanks! :-)
It looks from your website that Barnes and Noble may be one of the Booksellers offering this title, when will an ISBN number be released on it?
Thanks for asking. :-)

The ISBN will be announced as soon as the book is actually in the system and available for pre-order, which should be in April.

Stay tuned!

Norilana Books

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